Your Farewell Wishes

Working with you to create the script

for your own funeral ceremony.

Many people now choose to plan ahead for their own funeral, not least to take away the very difficult task which would otherwise fall to one of their family to do.


As sure as we are born, we know that we too will one day die. For some it falls naturally with old age and for others illness or disease brings about a premature death.

It may feel like a break with tradition to plan your own funeral; many people have funeral plans to cover costs but with this service you can ensure that your final farewell really is exactly as you would wish it to be.

I can help you plan the ceremony script, compose words for loved ones, choose music and poetry and write the eulogy that will form part of your life centred tribute. It can be exactly what you want to say. Your words, your beliefs.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch.

Fees start at £100 for this service.  Call 07823 448 441 to discuss your personal requirements. 

Call me on : 07823 448 441

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