what is a celebrant led ceremony?

A "Celebrant Led Ceremony" is one in which you have the complete freedom to be as creative and imaginative as you want to be; so whatever your occasion, it can be truly memorable and completely unique. 

It gives you the opportunity to share your story, it might be your own love story, a story of birth, love, achievement or all of the above rolled into one. It might be the story of a loved one who has died and will give you the opportunity to remember them in the most fitting way.


The beauty of a "Celebrant Led Ceremony" is that it is driven by your personal wishes which means the content and delivery is all guided by you. 

With a "Celebrant Led Ceremony" you can include your choice of music, readings, poetry and whether or not you wish to include religious and / or spiritual content.   You also get to decide who is involved and what they will do. 

As your Celebrant, I will work with you and guide you, to ensure that you get the very best ceremony you want. 

If you have any questions and want to know more, please get in touch and I would be delighted to talk to you about how wonderful a Celebrant Led Ceremony can be.  Call 07823 448 441 to discuss your personal requirements. 

Call me on : 07823 448 441

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